A springtime manor editorial is a total joy to photograph, and when you get to work with the finest crew of detail focused, loving, and committed creatives the result will definitely do you justice. Right?
Well, this wedding inspiration was scheduled for a lovely Saturday morning at the gorgeous Epavlis estate in Central Greece, but mother nature had other plans.Early the day before the skies went dark at dawn and for a consecutive 30 hours, it wouldn’t stop pouring. We might as well wished to cancel everything, florals, furnishings and vendor cues, our concept design and bridal beauty were going down. Alfresco was not going to happen.
Yet, despite the storm that was literally raging outside we decided to do one thing right, there are so many things that can go wrong on an actual wedding day after all.
We had put so much heart into making this happen and we wouldn’t let down our wonderful creative crew, we’d shoot indoors and make the most of it.
Just when we had moved the last piece indoors, flipping the space for the reception, and minutes before the sopping florist van passed through the gates, there it was: absolute, total creamy sunshine bursting through every window, crack and cranny! Our al fresco shoot took off and we were all convinced that when love for what one does is in the air even the natural elements can oblige.Mary from Olvion set up a magnificent fete with pastel-hued blooms, dainty crystals and gold-hued dinner touches and a vintage oak dessert bar filled with lush candy, and we got to shoot beautiful bride all over the gardens and the courtyard. We’d like to thank each and every of our team players in this truly collective effort for the excellent work and their positive energy.


Our Vendors


Coordination Stylist: Setty Lepida 

Venue: Epavlis

~Furniture: Olvion

~Wedding Dress: Demilia Sposa

~Shoes: Demilia Sposa

~Desserts: Glikismata Voulgari

~Makeup Artist: Fwteini Falli

~Hair: Ioanna Bouso Diop

~Nails: Nail Bar

~Florals: Balomenos

~Invitations: Tsakonitis

~Decor Stylist: Olvion

Fabrics: Dimotsi Vivian

Model: Konstantia Souliou


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