Two Clicks Photography is the dream of two friends put into practice.

Otherwise completely different but linked by a love for natural bright photography, we started our brand looking to capture each smile and tear of your wedding day.

Our story started with a simple compact Olympus and a head full of ideas. Fast forward to today and after film school studies, countless film rolls and  long experience with portrait photography, we capture weddings with the same love for the details and the confetti in between. 

Whenever we’re not photographing, weddings we spend our time exploring new cities and nature. Always with our cameras in hand, we’re setting off to fill our bucket bags with experiences and get our inspiration going!

Our portfolio is filled with weddings in Athens, Corfu, Santorini, and Mykonos and we’re always eager to travel with you to your dream location. 

We perceive each wedding differently respecting the couple’s style and unique energy. Our motivation? Someday all these photographs will be memories of a cherished lifetime

We get really inspired by how each wedding is a challenge. There is no second take – everything is happening so fast and capturing the glory of a wedding day gives us the familiar thrill of creating something unique. 

We want to give you crisp and romantic wedding portraits as fresh as the frosting on your cake!

Our dream clients are the ones who can’t take their hands from each other, utterly smitten and over the moon happy to spend forever together

We value respect and always make sure that our top-notch wedding experience is topped with bright smiles and genuine enthusiasm we get to capture your wedding day and save it forever. 

Our motto is “Real is best“, so wear your pretty dress and bright smile, hug your love and smile – we’ll take care of the rest!

Timeless photography
in beautiful destinations


Whether for your wedding day or to capture an important moment in your life, we’ll give you purposeful and impactful images that will tell your story how you wrote it.

Our years of experience, gracious curation and careful approach will give you a gallery of natural fine art photographs to cherish and hold forever.