As wedding photographers, our first and foremost concern is that our couples get to fully enjoy and radiate with happiness on their wedding day, which will definitely show in their photographs.

That is why we will be happy to assist every bride and groom prepare for all the great things that await them.

To do that, we have a surprise in store for all the couples who decide to book with Two Clicks.

Take a sneak peek…

Hiring a wedding planner

Perhaps you are planning a destination wedding. How much time do you have to spend planning your wedding? Do you have the resources to hire a planner? From simple weddings to lavish ones, working with a wedding planner can alleviate a lot of the stress of planning your big day.

Working with a wedding planner can help you avoid common mistakes that are made when working with out of-town vendors and helps you to avoid the risk of the unknown.

Through the years we have had the honor of collaborating with several amazing people we are always so glad to introduce! You can ask us!

Engagement photos matter

Being engaged is such a special time for a relationship. Your engagement photos announcing your big life-decision should be something special and not rushed. They should be images that really portray your love, your friendship and your joy!

We believe engagement sessions are super important. We love getting to meet you before the wedding! That way we are not going to show up on your wedding day and have to introduce ourselves to you for the first time. We will be by your side almost your entire wedding day, so we want you to feel comfortable and not have to worry about if we are getting “the shot”!

Engagement sessions act as a “test run” for you two in front of the camera. We will learn how you interact and how you feel the most comfortable, and you will become familiar to the way we work! Furthermore, engagement sessions are a lot of fun and an excellent opportunity to create amazing images without the restrictions that a wedding day can bring.

Details always matter

When we arrive on your wedding day, we will first check in with you and say hi and introduce ourselves! Then you will show us to your dress, your suit and all the details, and we will start photographing them right away. We usually spend time photographing the details, and it is incredibly helpful if they are all in one place! One of the biggest obstacles we have run into during details is missing rings – either the bride’s wedding band or groom’s band or both! Make sure you have them all together! It is really helpful. That way moving to different locations is much easier!

We also recommend designating someone to be in charge of all the details. That way if we need anything we can go directly to them.

Getting ready “Let there be light”

If you are getting married at a hotel or resort, we suggest getting ready in your honeymoon suite. When you are thinking about which room to book, look for a large or spacious suite. Prep photos are always enhanced when the background is clean and simple, so look for neutral walls and furniture that will compliment your photos and the overall feel of your wedding. Large windows are always a huge plus as well!

Let us be honest… a clean and simple space is always best, and natural light is a must!

First Look

Your first look is an amazing part of your wedding day! No one is around, and there is no pressure. It is just the two of you, capturing the excitement and the joy of your wedding day. It is your time to be together and alone! When does that happen on a wedding day?

You are investing a lot into your wedding photography. With a first look, you will receive 30-40% more portraits of the two of you! First looks allow you to extend your wedding day! Normally portraits are a little rushed after family formals and it can be hard to really get back into that “lovey dovey” mode … especially with family around!

This is why We highly recommend taking the bulk of your portraits prior to the ceremony.