Belle Epoque Garden

Where old world romance meets contemporary chic we gathered in Santorini earlier this April to bring this gorgeous shoot to life along the creative teams of Tie the Knot Santorini and The Secret Owl Workshop.

Across the volcanic vine-silvered hills and sugar-cube adobes, the whitewashed town tumbling below towards the azure bay, Oia, is a magical warren of hidden alleys and stone cobbled mazes, packed with ornate houses of long-vanished sea captains. The sentiment here: a cosmopolite Mediterranean feel on can only find on the big screen.

For the first time the green iron gates of a 200-year-old manor Oikoia, belonging to one of the oldest families on the isle, open for beauty to unfold and we travel back in time when another beauty became the bride of this house.  Real epoch furnishings and rustic decorative elements are given a fresh spin with palmetto touches and a sea of David Austin roses by Betty Flowers Santorini in waves of exuberant colors, followed by touches of velours, vintage cutlery from White Lilac and antique pieces from Weddings & Whimsy, to celebrate love as a Belle Epoque loving bride covets.

Maria Sila’s vision worked seamlessly with the color and textural palettes, while our bride was dressed with a colonial belle gown from Made Bride by Antonea and is presented with not one but three engagement rings from artisan haute jeweler Kousvelaris. We were so excited to shoot this filled with drama editorial not only on the premises but on the church domes and bell towers across Oia, watching the sun melt into the blue and hearing locals applauding the newlyweds as custom has it in these lands!


Cordination: Thesecretowl
Styling & Design: Tiethwknotsantorini
Florist: Bettyflowerssantorini
Cakes: Alexcakes
Event Rentals: Weddingsandwhimsy
Tableware: Whitelilac
Stationery: Brightwhite 
Wedding Gowns: Madebride 
Bridal shoes & Headpiece: Savranicreations
Hair Stylist: Marianna Nomikou
MUA: Beauty-santorini
Jewellery: Kousvelaris
Groom attire: Kourlas
Groom shoes: Kwnstantinoshoes
Man styling: It’sa mans class
Cinematography : Jim Grillas