Love Me Four Times, A Sartorial Engagement

We do love a sartorial punch in engagement photography, and our couple Xarris and Ioannis are not only two gorgeous looking lovebirds but two absolutely stylish sweethearts whose engagement we had the pleasure to document earlier this summer. These two loved one another not one but four times!

We kicked off the day with a few cups of coffee and a Vespa ride outside the city only to head to the beach for some cool in the shade. The sizzling sun had the two enjoy some calm breakfast in bed moments before heading outside to the garden for some turf fun, and when the sun set sweetly on the shores of central Greece we took a walk down the beach for their dusky portraits walking on the pebbled shore with crepuscular light on their cheeks and kisses on their lips!

Now if your wanderlust keeps taking you places and your style-meter makes you want to throw all your great style into your engagement images, let us tell you that you can go with a long session not in one but in as many locations as your heart desires, all you have to do is ask and we’ll make sure your engagement photos are a day trip you will cherish forever. See it all right here!