We are Two Clicks

Τwo best friends who joined forces to do what we love most: Get to know you -where did you meet, was it love at first sight? are you roamers? are you city lovers, homebodies, true romantics? Find out what you're into - is it music, is it chocolate, is it your little pet? And .. Be there for the biggest "clicks" of your lives -a new tribe, a family of two, or a kin of a thousand.

You see, to us, photography is all about reciprocity, the little big things past and present, family ties, hugs, laughs ... several happy tears involved as well. We wish to capture how it looks but mostly how it feels like. Raw, intimate, bursting with colors, electric or offbeat because no matter where life takes you it all comes down to love, and love means to "click".


I'm a dad who loves to spend time making models for his son. He probably thinks my camera is a big plane I've constructed, but perhaps he is right, as photography takes us to places we haven't yet seen. You'll find a snowboard in my car trunk, well-tailored suits in my closet, and a passport that's always up to date. There are no limits to where I will follow you to document your love story and the glorious light of your smiles.


Taking the road less traveled, tasting some soul food and those crazy looking burgers one is afraid to try first, I'll hit the highway on a whim, or to attend your wedding, first as your photographer and then as your guest. A grand party rewards my hard day's work but my heart beats fast when I capture love. I keep it real, fun, elegant, and soft and love to see you rock your wedding dances, your getaway hike, and each big loving kiss.

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