Bianca & Robert
What to wear to a wedding: the groom's guide

When most brides plan their wedding, they tend naturally to focus more on their dress and less on
groom’s look.
We think that the grooms suit is also extremely important because it is another visual element that
should match the theme, the style of the wedding and the bride’s dress. If all the elements come
together, it makes the pictures more beautiful and even inspires more the wedding photographer!
Like we said, the choice of the suit will be determined surely by the overall wedding theme.
Consider the wedding location before you make the decision. Is it a summer beach or garden wedding?
Then, you go for a casual look. Is it a hotel wedding? Then you go for a formal tuxedo suit.
Tuxedos are more formal that suits. You probably already knew this, but you may not know exactly what
distinguises the two from each other. Here’s the breakdown.
Unlike suits, tuxedos have satin lapels, as well as satin stripes down the sides of the pants.
Tuxedos are traditionally worn with Bow Ties, while suits are worn with Neck ties.
If you want to go completely modern, then you could also go without a bowtie or necktie.
I’d recommend this look for a warm summer venue or a casual beach-themed wedding.

Okay, now that you’ve studied up on the basic differences between a tuxedo and a suit, as well as often-
confusing world of formal dress codes, we can get to the fun stuff.

Let’s see how you can take your wedding look to the next level!
NOTCH LAPEL: Notch lapels are considered more casual than other lapel types, so avoid wearing them
at the most formal black tie events or all those red carpet affairs you attend. They have a notch where
the jacket collar meets the lapel, and are extremely versatile, so when in doubt make it a notch lapel suit.
PEAK LAPEL: Peak lapels are slighlty wider than notch lapels, with edges that peak upward toward your
face. It’s generally viewed as more formal than notch lapel, and, because it’s less common, more of a
statement. But don’t shy away, because they point upward, peaked lapels have the effect of making you
look taller and slimmer. Not bad at all!
SHAWL LAPEL: Shawls are characterized by a modern, rounded shape and are primarily seen on
tuxedos and dinner jackets. The lapel has no notch, no peak, but is a continuous strip of fabric running
from lapel to collar to lapel. Generally, a shawl lapel is seen as one of the most formal styles for a jacket.
And now comes the next question. How do you choose the collar? Don’t worry, here is the breakdown on
how to choose the right for you.
SPREAD COLLAR: The most common type of collar today, and the most versatile. Spread collars come
in a variety of points and angles.

WING TIP COLLAR: The most formal collar option. It’s designed to be worn with a bow tie and tuxedo-
wear it tie-less and casual, and you’ll definetely get a few confused stares.

Button down and club collar are more casual in style. You can wear with or without a tie, but they both
definetely not for formal events.

Cufflinks and studs-unofficially known as “man jewelry”- allow some subtle personality to shine through
with your formal outfit. Button studs are only for tuxedo shirts, but cufflinks are always a good choice.

We advise to wear both boutonniere and pocket square. It is a great way to add personality to what
you’re wearing!
Pocket squares are a favorite among men wanting to add a pop of color to their suits. Be mindful to
choose your pocket square according to the wedding’s overall style. For example on formal wedding a
bright pattern would look out of place. We would recommend a white pocket in cotton or silk for a black
tie wedding or a linen pocket square for a beach wedding.
As for boutonniere make sure they are real and fresh!

Last but not least the Shoe choice!
A black shoe is considered preferable when wanting to create a formal look. Regardless of whether you
are wearing a suit or tuxedo, if your formal wear is dark in color you should wear black shoes. For navy
blue suits, a medium to dark brown should be worn.
Other colour varieties are also available if you are going for a casual look.
The type of the shoe can be….
Oxfords are the standard for the most men’s formal shoes. They come in a wide variety of styles, which
means plenty of opportunity to let your personal style shine.
Derby shoes look very similar to oxfords, but are considered less formal because of their open lacing.
We all know what loafers look like. Slip-on, moccasin-inspired shoes! Loafers back in the years were
strictly casual, but now they are considered appropriate for almost any situations.
Dress boots. It is a combination of an Oxford and a work boot. While too casual to wear with a tux,
they’re great to pair with most suits. We love dress boots!
Chukka boots are versatile enough make a great casual or dress shoe, although they are too casual to
wear with a tuxedo.
Chelsea boots were originally designed by Queen Elizabeth’s boot maker, as causal boots to wear while
riding horses. Wear them with a skinny suit for stremlined style!
But again rules are meant to be broken sometimes, and today’s men are branching out more with their
footwear, even if they opt for a tuxedo.

Our Tip!
Whatever ou choose regardless of color or stlye, wear it with confidence, and enjoy your special day.